Who are you to take my photo while Iā€™m going about my life? Why do you think it is okay to take my photo while I am shopping at the Rite Aid? I am no public figure, I am broke grad student who just wants to eat some garlic parmesan dip on her day off. Is me reaching for a bag of corn chips the peak of artistic photography? Because I am in public, it is okay for you, a dude with a nice camera, to take a picture of me? You just jump out, snap, and leave. Has it not crossed your mind that someone may not want their photo taken? That having a stranger jump out at them snap a photo and dash may be unnerving? That perhaps CONSENT exists in more situations than you realize? Anyway, I hope you trip while that thing you use to lord over the masses is up to you face. Strangers are not animals on display.