Thank you for inviting me to your child’s religious ceremony. When asked by a fellow member of your congregation why they hadn’t seen me before, I stated that I follow a different path. When questioned further, I had no problem telling them that I’m a pagan. They seemed confused, as I was wearing clothes in bright hues, and seemed genuinely accepting of their practices. They asked how I celebrated various holidays, and if there was a way to determine if someone is pagan by the way they celebrate. So, here are a few ways to know someone is pagan: They bring a tree into the house in December and decorate it; they decorate eggs and share images of rabbits in the early spring; in late October, they cut facial features on pumpkins and light them from the inside with candles; and they hold religious services on Sunday, to worship their sun god. (Until 321 CE, Christians observed their sabbath on Saturday.) Nuff said.—Anonymous