What the hell is wrong with people driving so shitty lately? Transplants? Tourists? Incredibly inept Uber and Lyft drivers? Whatever it is, let me give you a few pointers. When you don't know where you are, which street you are crossing or where the hell you are going, don't dynamite the brakes in the middle of trhe intersection. PULL THE F TO THE CURB AND FIGURE IT OUT! If you find yourself in the right lanes on SE Grand when you come to the bridge you want to tun left onto, TAKE 3 RIGHT TURNS AROUND THE BLOCK! Do not turn across the 3 lanes of traffic on your left, you're going to kill someone. When you've missed the six foot signs for the last 4 blocks that read 'Left Lanes Left Turn Only' DO NOT GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THE INTERSECTION! You would think any biped with two functioning brain cells to rub together would understand this, but what I've witnessed this week makes me wonder.