I saw you. You were screaming at the top of your lungs that you were undercover PPD and flashing a mag light in some innocent kid's face. I marked you for a terrible human earlier in the night when I heard you condescend to that woman who was homeless. Then at last call, you kicked it into high gear as a screaming psychopath, imitating a Portland police officer. Did you know that's against the law? You should, you little antisocial maniac. If you're lucky, some day you'll be haunted by your words and actions. That's the best-case scenario, trust that.

Actual humans reading this: Everyone be on alert for this kid (looks about 18, slight build, light blonde hair, soul rotted out) and report his nazi ass to the cops for impersonating one of the PPD. They may actually care about that part. PPD: If he has a firearm, take it away. Let's prevent something tragic. This kid is a ticking bomb.

Lastly, don't stand by while this happens again. If you think you're the kind of person who would've stood up to this kind of hateful evil if it came to your door in the 1940s, prove it and protect others now. Do better than the people who just watched this shit from the sidelines.