To the blue haired guy with a mowhawk and a bouquet of flowers, who helped someone being harassed, I really appreciate you.

Sitting in my office, I saw a man who was either mentally ill/on drugs/or both, screaming and getting into the face of a young Hispanic woman sitting and waiting for her bus. I could see her trembling. You walked up and sat down next to her and you then became the next target of his vitriolic anger. You calmly ignored him but the young woman next to you looked so frightened. I picked up my phone to call the police, when I saw you grab the woman’s hand, and pull her away from the bus stop. You put your arm around her protectively and walked her into a shop. Someone else must have called the police because they cruised by as the man ran off. Back to the seat you went, and the jackass came out of nowhere to start in on you both again. Finally it looked like he touched you, and you kicked his legs out from under him and stomped him in the nuts as he fell. I saw you pick him up and scream at him, and he limped off. Leaving you alone..all the while you didn’t mess up the flowers. The woman seemed grateful. She had her hand on her chest to calm down. I take it she didn’t speak English well. You patted her on the back and gave her the bouquet. You made my afternoon as you stood up for a woman and someone who probably daily has to put up with such anger because of her skin. Thank you. Thank you. If I ever see you again, I’m buying you a drink.