Earthquakes!!!! All along the coast of the PNW. The big one could hit at literally any moment. Renter's insurance flat out doesn't offer earthquake insurance to Oregon residents due to the likelihood of it happening. It's a shitshow. And no-one seems to care.
Strict building codes are the reason that houses and buildings are still standing in Alaska. That was after a 7.0 quake. The one projected to hit Oregon is over 9.
So why THE FUCK do we not have these codes in place? All of those brick apartment buildings downtown? Toast. One of them literally started buckling last year. All because of greedy landlords and politicians that haven't given a second thought about what could be the greatest natural disaster in US history. The upgrades and seismic safeguards need to be done, no excuses. I don't give a fuck how much it costs, if you can afford to own an entire fucking building downtown, you can afford to prevent a massive loss of life. Fuck your profit margin.