So, you and your boyfriend just broke up. I feel absolutely horrible for him, because it’s literally taken him 3 years to realize what a piece of work as a boyfriend you were to him. You did a bang up job of refusing to allow him to have any semblance of friendships with anyone because you didn’t like them and they took time away from you. Meanwhile you forced him all this time to be around YOUR best friend (you know, the perpetually single and heavy set drunk from Kentucky who hates any and all partners of her friends?) who simply hated him not because of who he was as a person (and he was and still is an amazing person) but simply BECAUSE HE EXISTED. You allowed her to treat him like shit right in front of you and you never ever stood up for him. Whatever you wanted you got, and you never were fair to him when he wanted to see his friends. If you didn’t like them, no way. But you demanded and expected him to be by your side whenever you saw her. You too advantage of a sweet soul, with low self worth and esteem to manipulate and do whatever it is YOU wanted. It was your way or the highway and he sadly stayed with you for over 3 years, believing he couldn’t do any better. How he stayed with you that long sexually is amazing, because all you were into was oral sex and with his being the sexually creative person he is, sucking your dick for 3 years is a LONG punishment for anyone.