I don't know how they do things back where you came from (some fly-over state), but the way you treat your sweet little dog is appalling, disgusting, loathsome, et cetera. Are you too dumb to know that dogs are social animals, that they have been bred over many many centuries to need to be where we are, to work with us, hang out with us? When you lock your sweet little dog out in your crappy feces-covered tiny back patio, you put your dog in a permanent state of distress and anxiety. And the breed of dog that YOU have is particularly needy of being in the presence of people. But no, you relegate your dog to your tiny shit yard for hours on end and in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of temperatures. And that chain-smoking house guest you had? He took a swipe at your dog for barking. The dog yelped and then went on loving, because that's what dogs do. They love. But you folks don't deserve the love of that dog. You only deserve the shit that covers your back patio.