Kalah Allen

To the person who had your ass grabbed by a man who had started harassing you on the bus: I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo or video of your assaulter. I was approaching the light when I saw him lean over, slip his hand under your coat, and grab. I saw the horror on your face when you looked up at him, frozen, and all I could think was that he needed to get away from you, so I yelled and charged toward you. He looked at me and started running. I was so furious I took a step to start chasing him, but thought better of it. I wish I had known what to say to you besides “I’m sorry,” and I wish I’d offered to walk with you to your destination. I’m sure you thought back on what you wish you had done too, because unfortunately, I know exactly what that kind of situation feels like. We are never prepared when it happens. We think we will scream, punch, kick, immediately return the harm—but it’s never so clear in the moment. I hope you safely got where you were going. And to the sick fuck who harassed and assaulted this person: I hope you get your hand stuck in a meat grinder. —Anonymous