Doesn't matter where you are from or how experienced you are in driving in snow, getting in your car and driving in Portland when it has snowed is a stupid and dangerous thing to do, transplant or not. The streets do not get properly plowed or treated and every vehicle out there on those roades is a hazard. Seems to be its the transplants who would be smart enough to stay home, knowing full well what a shit show it will be out there. I mean I guarantee this wasn't a transplant driving the wrong way on the highway!


Um, OK?? Hope you enjoy your 4:30 p.m. hangover, you day-drunk loser.


Nothing says "Portland native" like being an angry day drunk. Hopefully the "native" OP will get pushed out by smarter, more interesting, wealthier transplants in the next couple years.


The OP has nothing to worry about, as most of the angry responses will soon be replaced by tombstones that read "You Call That Snow," "They Should've Used More Rock Salt," or "I Can't Believe The Hill Was That Slippery." Maybe they'll lay a laurel at the gravesites of those who made it into work on a Tuesday, but that's about the only award you're going to get for refusing to adapt to your environment and behaving like an idiot on the roads. Nope, this ISN'T how they do things in Chicago/Minnesota/The Dakotas/Northeast Ohio/Jersey... that's why most of us live here.

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