Kalah Allen

I’m now finishing this medication that causes me anal leakage. At first, I wouldn’t stray far from a bathroom so I would have a handy place to tidy up when needed. Then came the longer excursions and necessary errands that required unpredictable, longer trips away from any private clean-up stations. I figured out what to do: Wadded up TP wedged up there would absorb my drips/leakage. This was working swimmingly until they started dropping down my pant leg and I’d have to do a quick shuffle, step, and scoot. This happens in bank lines, grocery stores, work, etc. I’ve become pretty good at the slight-of-foot with my manpons, kicking them into a corner and moving on. That is until today, when a kid said, “Is that yours?” and I sheepishly scooped it up and put it into my jacket. God I’m glad this prescription is done.—Anonymous