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I feel you. I have aged 100 years since he took office. It is totally incomprehensible he has not been thrown in prison or executed. The only solace is he will be dead sooner than later. And OMG I hope I am still alive to see him dead. The problem will be how much damage has been done and will any of it be able to be undone.


I think we all get that the Barr summary is not the Mueller report. The question is does it accurately reflect what is in the Mueller report? I’m going to take it at face value and say that it does. It’s going to be pretty hard to hide the full report given that so many people want to see it so it’s not likely that Barr is going to misrepresent it. Possible but I doubt it. Mueller is also still around and can correct any efforts at mischaracterization.


@1. Executed ?????????????
Sorry you don’t like him but we don’t normally make a habit of executing people that legally won an election and haven’t been convicted of any crimes.


Just remember the rules/laws that apply to this report were voted in by the Democrats in response to the Clinton investigation. The full report cannot be legally released.
Harry Reid went the nuclear option, sounded good except the Republicans have gone the same way.
Harry Reid refused to put bills from the house on the floor, sounded good except the Republicans are doing the same thing.
Every time the Democrats get upset and do these things they forget that they won't always be in power.
This is just another example. You can't have what you are demanding because you made it illegal.
Can't wait to see how getting rid of the electoral college works for them.


An option in this country for punishing traitors (those who commit treason) is execution. Would it ever happen, unlikely. I fail to see how anyone can look at the list of crimes Trump has committed against the people of this country, the total and complete violation of the oath he took before he took office, the refusal to do his job in any way (holding his clan rallies, golfing, and tweeting are not in the job description), refusing to listen to the intelligence agencies (the last president that did that saw 9/11 happen on his watch and started an illegal war with lies), alienating all of the allies of the United States of America, and his snuggling up to Russia and North Korea and even Saudi Arabia (more than we are already snuggled up with them) and think any of this, any of his behavior is in any way normal. This goes far beyond not liking Trump. Everything he has done and continues to do is a clear and present danger to every person in this country. Pretending otherwise is either sheer stupid or outright refusal to acknowledge reality or both. Yes, I find it incomprehensible that he has been allowed ALLOWED to get away with everything that he has been allowed to get away with and is not yet in prison or dead yet.


@5: I think the point of the IA was for everyone to stop calling it the Mueller Report, which it isn’t. It’s The Partisan Barr Summary.

Also this: “There is nothing in the special-counsel regulations that prevents the report from being made public, let alone anything that would prevent it from being provided to Congress, according to Neal Katyal, the former acting solicitor general who helped draft the regulations in 1999. “The regulations set a floor, not a ceiling, on the amount of transparency,” he wrote in The Washington Post last week.”


@5 You are sorely misinformed. It is absolutely legal to release the full report minus the grand jury testimony to Congress, as has happened in every special prosecution (and there have been six) since Nixon. Even the grand jury information can be released if a judge waves that rule, which Barr would have done immediately if he was truly being transparent and not protecting the president.

When Trump's campaign chairman's legal team accidentally released the fact that Paul Manafort gave internal polling data to a Russian agent, collusion was proved for all to see. You can bet your ass that Bob Mueller, while unable to indict the president, has something up his sleeve. There's no way in hell he's going to let this country go down like that. If you think that Rudy Giuliani (or William Barr for that matter) can outsmart Bob Mueller you're in for a rude awakening.

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