For a few years now i have yelled at people with dogs when i drive my car. I always yell the the same thing "That's My DOWG!!".
I try to do this only when i see someone who looks like they have a fancy dog or they have a stick up their ass about their dog. This is Portland, so i can do this every other block if i please. It's hilarious (to me) to see the reaction. Some people yank the leash on their dog as if i am claiming their dog. Some just turn and give me a hateful stare, as if they are not walking their fancy breed dog as a way of getting attention. Others seem to think i am complimenting their dog. I consider those reactions as my failures. Anyway I always keep driving so there isn't a chance to find out what they think or give them a chance to call me an asshole. I'm sure some of them think its a real affront to their belief system but hey, That's My DOWG!!