In 2012, I was living the Old Portland dream of working independently for myself in the creative industry. I made good money and enjoyed the work. I had regular clients and a growing portfolio that I was proud of.
After holding out for 4 years, it was no longer financially viable. I gave up my passion in life. I thought it was going to be my focus in perpetuity, and now it was gone.
I was lost. I drank too much, felt sorry for myself, even hated / blamed New Portland for ruining my career.
I wasn't qualified;
I was forced to take low paying, minimum wage jobs to pay bills.
I had a bit of time on my hands.
I started studying computers. Literally anything about them, any kind of track to get me something better. Now, three years of self-study has netted me a career. Without schooling, I now share the same position as people with computer science degrees, and I'm proud of that.
I started here 6 months ago, and already got a promotion with a raise. This company actually values hard work, and it's an incredible feeling to finally be appreciated.
I'm acknowledging this humble brag, so apologies. I just haven't been happy in so long, and finally things are looking up.
Thanks for reading.