Just ignore the jerks and go about your merry way. I don't like it when I feel I'm at a good pace and people just whiz by on seemingly little effort, but then I remember that they're either in better shape than me, have a faster bike, or maybe they just started their ride and they're fresh while I've been riding for 20 minutes. Just do your thing. And trust me, Portland is way more bike friendly than the majority of cities in the country. And ignore the bespandexed tools. The majority of people think they're completely obnoxsh.


First off, thanks for riding. You're doing a good thing for yourself, our air-quality, and the world in general. Second, TAKE NO SHIT FROM CARS. Keep your u-lock in your back-pocket whenever possible, because an occasional automotive mirror removal may be required. I've had idiots swerve at me intentionally, a bottle thrown at me, and a Trumpie bathe me in diesel exhaust. Each of people responsible for those cowardly actions received exactly what they had coming. As for the douchebags in lycra and their sad attempts to dominate the Portland-peloton on a daily basis, forget them. Come November, they hang up their carbon-fiber bikes and probably drive their diesel pickups. Hope to see you out there!


I think we can safely say that Oregoon has done none of that crap. The whole "take a u-lock to 'em" b.s. / myth is so 5 years ago.


Yeah JTR, you seem to safely say a lot of things from behind your keyboard. Go back to Beaverton and polish your pickup, newbie.

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