I entertain people in an alcohol fueled atmosphere for a living. After a long night of dealing with everyone from rad customers, to aggressive and rude customers I got into an Uber at 3am to go home. I began to make small talk and my driver let me know he didn’t speak English. Guess what? No one died. The quiet between us two humans was relaxing after my stressful night. I got to listen to the maps voice give directions in Chinese and I couldn’t help but think of how cool it was to hear this beautiful language after hearing loud drunk English all night. I just wanted to express how much I enjoy all the people of different ethnicities that are here in America, and how much I appreciate that we’re all here together. Part of what makes me proud to be an American is that I share a home with so many different kinds of people. Diversity really is a magical part of this country and I wanted to take the time to celebrate that. Thank you to my nice Uber driver for getting me home safe and exposing me to a little bit of his beautiful language.