I hear ya. I can't believe the piece of shit managed to get into the WH to begin with considering he showed everyone exactly who he was before he became the resident of the WH and every day since has been a succession of such unbelievable fucking insanity. I feel like I have aged 100 years. I hate him and all of his supporters and enablers so much I truly believe I am losing my mind. I long for the morning I wake up and read that his body has been found in a landfill.


@1 haha tell us how you really feel! We all knew who he was but none of us could imagine how extensive the damage of giving a man like him the keys to the oval office could actually be.

But seriously how fucking insane is this whole thing? If someone told me 10 years ago that half of this shit was going to go down I would laugh in their face and tell them to give up on their screenplay. God help us all.


I can only vote and pray (to the Universal Love Goddess, of course) that this nightmarish alternate reality ends soon.


Trump exhaustion is truly a thing. I love how the right started with the whole "Trump Derangement Syndrome" when people started calling him out for his batshit crazy behavior and rage tweeting. The fact is, you have to be deranged to support Trump, so all that name calling was pure projection. I too feel like I've aged 10-20 years since that boob started his campaign. However, I'm becoming more disgusted by his enablers in Congress than I am with him these days. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will ultimately end up as bunk-mates in hell.


Nobody who supports Trump argues anything about him. They just holler "hahaha libtards" while the blood from cutting off their own noses runs down their stupid ugly faces.


@3 I think IA was kidding about the spatula.


Corps-owned mass media gave us this fool
his antics propel their bottom lines into the stratosphere

why might they ever wanna give up on trumpfy?
when it's Ratings versus The Planet
the Planet has no say.

We're just Externalities.
Thanks, Republicans.


Given our endless wars, institutionalized racism, militarized policing, government and corporate spying on us and the insane economics of late stage capitalism getting a clown like trump as our president seems, in retrospect, almost inevitable.


Can we all please put a moratorium on wasting energy and resources promoting, supporting, and voting for 3rd party candidates until this travesty is behind us? Please?


It has been depressing for sure. I have friends who have been extremely frightened every time they go out shopping because of the color of their skin, ALL citizens mind you, because of ICE. My friends in the LGBTQ community who are much older who are saying β€œI’m tired. I’ve been fighting my whole life, it feels like 1981 again. I hope the protest voters are happy, it takes an idiot to not see that any of this would happen judging alone by the debates.”

Yes, even I wake up and wonder what the fuck he has woken up to tweet. It’s exhausting.

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