You were overwhelmingly attentive during the new energy phase, seemingly infatuated. Sure, I was smitten as well, which precluded an ability to sensibly gauge your intentions. We shared civil discourse, personal goals and devoured magnificent dinners without pausing for market prices or expectations. The days leading up to our three month "break" were undeniably whimsical! I briefly departed with a sincere aim to emerge refreshed, a more suitable compliment for your naturally complex palate.

Please tell me why I have not seen or heard from you in months?!

My personal transformation was fashioned to bring us closer together, yet, the division is painfully obvious. A coworker mentioned hearing your remarks about my weight last month! Am I too thin now, or "watered down" as you so eloquently stated? Blame the Chef, not me! Sure, I lost a ton of flavor during the summer gap, but don't I deserve another look? Was our love affair little more than a transactional barter that brightened your drab winter months? I would love to satiate your gluttonous cravings with my corn based goodness one last time.

Let me make it up to you, baby. I can do better...


Polenta Ava Gene