Hey Governor Brown, I've always kinda liked you—you seem like a decent person, you live in my neighborhood, you have progressive or progressive-adjacent positions on most issues—but now is the time for you to step up and make a real difference. The situation with your general counsel and his attempts to coerce the public records czar is a test of your leadership. You can either fire this guy, talk him into resigning, or at the very least rescind your irregular nomination of him to the Court of Appeals. It's time to prove you're not just another Kitz—-not necessarily crooked yourself, but perfectly willing to support overly ambitious (but very loyal) associates who play fast and loose.

This man tried to bully a woman into doing his bidding...no, not for sex, but in a sexist way. And the things he was trying to coerce her into are a really bad look for you anyway! Prove that you are a different kind of Oregon Democrat and that doing the right thing means more than party loyalty.