In our last evening together, you mentioned that you read this column. So I feel that this is an appropriate place to explain to you why I never returned your text messages or followed up for another hook up.

Look - you are a complete package. You are drop dead sexy, your dick is enormous, the sex is great, you are a motivated and accomplished person, there is so much to be excited about. You absolutely have the biggest dick I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, but I feel that maybe you would enjoy sleeping with someone else instead. I love how comfortable you feel with me and I appreciate how open you have been. I see nothing wrong with your desire to strip or dance for other men. However, I do feel that we are just touching on the surface for some other reasons why we will never work out. Have you been with a man yet? I think you should explore this.

I have ghosted you and no longer want to hook up with you because as much as I like you, I cannot be the person you discover your true self with. However, I totally want to be your friend or maybe we can explore a threesome with another guy together. Just in the long run, I just don't think I'm meant to be your partner.

Thank you for the great times, and sorry.