Yeah, an entire field of traffic experts just made up the zipper merge to fuck with you, the dude that doesn't know anything about traffic patterns, city planning, or road design. The zipper merge is just a giant conspiracy to make the polite obsessed Portlanders lose their mind and road rage all over I5, because this city is full of children obsessed with someone "cutting in line." You're probably also the person that lines up at the bar for a drink. Do you confront the person that knows better and harass them for "cutting in line" because they got their drink before you? Do you walk through life victimizing yourself and then self righteously confronting everyone who chooses to function in the world like a normal adult?

PS fuck you privileged, spandex warrior, bike activists, riding two thousand dollar bikes from your expensive ass condo to your tech job, who thwart any and all basic road improvements under the guise of climate change, when in reality you continue to make the roads more and more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers by hindering improvements.

PPS fuck vision zero. City planning shouldn't be planning for a utopia that doesn't exist. City planning is for harm reduction. Meanwhile, all us working class folks who have the unfortunate burden of not being able to afford to live near our work are stuck on these terrible roads with terrible drivers who lose their shit when people drive like normal, functioning adults.