Last weekend I was saddened to see clusters of cub scouts gathered at my local grocery store for hours at a time. They were hawking bags of hideously over-priced popcorn. Saw the same kids there the next day, indoors yes, but without seating or a break. Clearly the kids were not having fun, nor had they been trained for sales. Hands in pockets, tired and sad they stood in the way of shoppers entering and exiting the store looking more like hungry poster kids for Unicef than proud American Scouts. They were taking all of the rejection personally. They had no idea they were both used and set-up to fail at the same time. Rather cult-like consciousness conditioning, in my opinion.
The genius marketing fuck heads at the Scouting USA HQ decided charging ten bucks for a lame bag of popcorn justifies this steaming heap of failure these kids are getting disguised as a work ethic badge.