We've been friends for a long time, and sure you partied a little hard. Not Portland hard but kid who moved here from Cali in the aughts hard. Now you're sober, and I'm happy for you but to be real dude, sober you sucks. All you do is talk about being sober and "posi." and shit talking the rest of your non sober social circle.
I've heard the saying that there's nothing worse than a sober drunk and fuck does it apply to you. I'm sorry you couldn't handle your shit man, but it doesn't mean other people can't. I respect your wishes and don't smoke weed or drink before we hang out and do my best to be supportive but all you fucking talk about is being sober and working out, and about being an "Iron Head" because all of a sudden you're into motorcycles? You literally work out 2 times a day every day and obsessively work on your bike. I feel like you've traded one addiction for another and that's fine by me, but could you shut the fuck up about it? Am I the asshole here?