Not as if you give a fuck, or even have the means to access the internet.....Fuck you, and that is an action statement....You stole my cell phone at the gas station, which had a pocket on the back containing my drivers license and debit card. You immediately attempted a most disappointing shopping spree at places like cinnabon, journeys and a gift card vendor. All purchases were declined, and my account was alerted. You still have my phone, which I am willing to pay a reward, no questions asked for the return.

You have two options, return my phone, or wait for a major butt fucking from the universe. Karma never loses an address. You WILL eventually pay, in some painful way, for this seemingly small transgression...and I accept the fact that this act is a form of punishment for something I did in the past. I have learned the hard way that this is how the universe works....just warning you...if you don't do the right thing...return my phone.....and say you found it, and keep the reward money....mark my cannot escape karma.