Yeah, I'm in an electric wheelchair. There's nothing fun or funny about that. So wipe that grin off your face and fully apply the brakes on your fucking Volvo. I get that the light is giving me the little white man that implies walk (as if). I get that it will turn into a countdown in a few seconds. But you're still rolling, approaching the crosswalk at the pace of a stoned slug. I WILL NOT go into the crosswalk until your wheels are stationary. Because you're stoned and you're giggling and you're waving but your car isn't actually stopping. YOU are surrounded by steel and airbags. I am sitting in a fucking wheelchair that can't get away from your stoned ass at 3 miles per hour, tops. I get stoned too. But I don't get stoned and then go out on my wheelchair around town. Push the break all the way to the fucking floor so I can cross the fucking street. Stoned fucking driver.