Kalah Allen

I mop as part of my job. I care about my job. I care about the quality of work I do. I care about craft. Most of you have no clue what this means, as my profession is looked on as one that “anyone can do.” Believe me, that is false, and most of you would suck bullshit at doing it. There are those who say they don’t care if you walk on a floor they just mopped. Yeah, some truly don’t care, because they have no aptitude for craft. Others will say, “It’s okay, just don’t fall.” Well, that’s bullshit for some of us, too. We care when your barbarian size 13 muddy shoes walk on our freshly mopped floor. We care. We take pride in our work. And your disrespectful, selfish ass has no second thoughts about walking on it. So I hope you fall and break your hip like my grandma did. Poor grandma, RIP. But you? You, I’ll waterboard with mop water. — Anonymous