Oh FFS this is not a generational thing it is a WEALTH THING. Educate yourself on who has the wealth and who does not and you will see it varies and is based much more on whether or not someone is WHITE, whether or not their family is/was wealthy, and what kind of job they do than it does with age (though yes, the longer one has been alive, given other factors, their wealth could be greater). And pull your head out of your ass about how long this country has existed and how its wealth was created and has been passed on and distributed among the people in this country.

Despite this country's never ending narrative about education and property ownership and wealth there are some very concrete truths in this country: those who come from wealthy tend to be wealthier, education is not the great equalizer it is touted to be as people who are poor and have a college degree tend to be significantly less wealthy than their already wealthy peers, no matter what they do (because the wealthy are given things like houses, weddings, cars, inheritances, etc. that poor people are never given). The already wealthy also don't tend to graduate with student loan debt and are able to find better jobs because of who they and their families know.

And all of this is tied to race as well. Do you understand the obscene chasm between the wealth of white people in this country (even the poorest white people) vs. everyone else? And that goes for every generation.

This idiotic bullshit of pitting generations against each other is just another way of stopping people from focusing on what is really going on in this country. The obscenely wealthy are robbing everyone blind (and they have been for decades). The obscenely wealthy own nearly all of the wealth in this country. The obscenely wealthy are almost exclusively white people in this country.


2009 called. It wants its righteous indignation back.


As one of those Gen Xers: Screw you and the e-scooter you coasted in on.


@ Christian Rae -- great comment.
Speaking of the Generational Wars"

From the New York Times:
"Instead of a Generational Culture War, Let’s Fight the Rich"
“'Ok billionaire' is a better rallying cry than 'ok boomer.'"

"Generations are pretty bogus. The labels we use to casually slice up society — boomer, millennial, Gen X, Gen Z — are a nearly useless way of thinking about politics, culture or business in America.

The very idea that tens of millions of people across different classes and races and geographies might hold similar views on a range of subjects just because they happened to be born during the same 20-year span of American history — the whole thing sounds a bit too much like astrology, doesn’t it?"
"Last month, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s 30, endorsed 78-year-old Bernie Sanders for president — not despite his age, but because Sanders’s “decades of work” on progressive causes was a sign of his fidelity to the movement.

In the summer, Ocasio-Cortez met Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist who has scolded older people for ignoring the issue. Among other things, the pair discussed how age was simply a mind-set. 'You can be much older and still part of a youth movement if you refuse to do things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done,' Ocasio-Cortez told Thunberg.

This is the sort of coalition we need to build a better future — not Gen Z fighting boomers, but a coalition of 16-year-olds and 30-year-olds and 78-year-olds joining together to demolish the rich who run the world today. The stakes are too great; we can’t afford to have any generation sit this one out." --the article's author, Farhad Manjoo

Never look UP, the Billionaires command us.
Taste like chicken, I hear...


Education is not a guarantee of wealth, well somewhat true, it depends on the education you get. Thank dog for those toney coffee shops or those folks with BA's in French Literature wouldn't have anywhere to work. Focus on STEM or law or medicine or accounting when going for your degree. You know a B-something that will actually lead to a job. The government taking over student loans and handing out the cash without any risk assessment has led to a lot of educated people with zero marketable job skills.


Seems like using a microscope to look at the entire planet.
Yes it's expensive to live. Not just here but everywhere and getting more expensive every day.
Is climate change real? Will our nation, hell our civilization survive the coming storms? Probably but there will be costs.

It's hard to look at the big picture through a microscope. It's hard to care about the world when you have to struggle for food and shelter. Look at the bright side the great climate culling is coming if you survive there'll be lots of opportunities. Good Luck!

"I won't be alive then but I still care"

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