I hope this person was called out for their behavior in class (or failed the class, FFS). Did the professor have anything to say to this student? Sounds like she needs to be forced to read every Toni Morrison book every written. Her head would explode when coming to terms with the fact that Ms. Morrison did not write about white people and DGAF about being told she needed to do so to be legitimate. Perhaps she should watch Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am and hear it from Ms. Morrison's mouth directly.

I am white and I am sick to fucking death of white people who believe their reality is the only reality. I am especially sick to fucking death of white people (especially white women) hassling black people for being, for living their lives, for having the audacity to simply exist. I am just flat out sick to death of white people, period.


I am so glad I did not attend college in Portland.

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