Kalah Allen

Being unemployed (and stressed about it), I took a Monday off from the job search and went on a hike. Driving back, I went to a winery to grab a tasting. I have nothing better to do! Got to talking with the bartender and a couple who had a one-year-old. We started sharing personal stuff—I was talking about being unemployed, the bartender was talking about how he’s had health issues in the past year. The couple was not the baby’s biological parents, but they’ve been the foster parents since the child was a newborn. And the biological dad wants the child back. In a couple of weeks, they have to give her up. The bond they have with the kid is apparent. Fucking heartbreaking. The couple pays and leaves and, considering we only met 30 minutes ago, there’s a rather heartfelt goodbye. After they leave, the bartender tells me that the couple paid for the wine I had. And holy crap, that was the last straw. I totally teared up and then ugly-cried in the car. What a nice thing to do, holy crap. Thank you, random strangers, for being generous when you have your own shit to deal with. I wish you the best, and I hope that another child is lucky enough to be in your care.—Anonymous