Beaverton has not one, but two Max connections into Portland. It's not even all that far of a drive. Yet Ex Novo, Big's Chicken, Oven and Shaker, Great Notion, and like half the carts from the old Alder lot opened up shop there because "active" Nike-and-Columbia-employed Beavertonians can't be bothered to venture outside of Stepford for an hour or so. Yet, somehow, compared to Lake Oz, West Linn, Tigard, and Wilsonville, Beaverton is a diverse, bustling metropolis.


I didn't even read anything other than the "headline" and my only thought was wow that's sad, what a small and sad life you must have.


These Are The 10 Most Diverse Cities In Oregon For 2019



@#12 Too bad you didn't read past the headline. It wasn't a navel gazing thumbs up review of Beaverton over Portland, quite the opposite. For someone who says they are so woke and up on everything you didn't do your homework before commenting.


@4 it's IA. Homework before commenting? Who reads this column, like 10 people? Who cares what I write as a comment on anything (seriously why does anyone care what I write)? I have never said "I am so woke" (nor would I as that is not how I see myself and I find that term/concept obnoxious and meaningless), so you're projecting. This forum exists solely because people want to whine about stupid shit and some of us are bored and home bound (speaking solely for myself) and sometimes feel like writing something in response. You do your homework and mind your own comments. Grading mine says more about you than it ever will about me.


@5 I also meant to acknowledge that I respond to other people's comments, too, but the same sentiment still stands, why should I care (sometimes I am bored, sometimes I am annoyed, and sometimes the stupidity gets to me, especially when people confuse fact with opinion), but I will say again, who cares? Who cares what I think about about things and who cares what I choose to write in response to an IA or a response to a comment an IA? Practically no on reads this column. Practically no one reads this paper! This is just an outlet for a handful of people and trolls to scream into the void.


The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

So why post if you don't want the attention? Why respond if it all doesn't matter?

Ah but you don't have to say you're woke, one just has to read your endless screeds, where you are trying to educate the unwoke. I guess those can be ignored as self absorbed navel gazing.

In the end you made a knee jerk response without actually reading the post and now you are getting called out, like you call out everyone else that you disagree with, and you don't like it.

If you're going to dish it out then be able to take it, and at least dish it out based on the reality of the situation. That your post, which passed judgement, was meaningless and without merit since you didn't care to actual read what you were commenting on.


@3 Wasn't kidding about the diversity portion of that: There are a lot of reasons to live in Portland over the 'burbs, but diversity isn't one of them. You will see more people from all walks of life on Canyon Road or at the Sunset Fred Mayer than you will spending a day walking inner Portland or its western fringes.


"That your post, which passed judgement, was meaningless and without merit since you didn't care to actual [sic] read what you were commenting on."

Well, no, what CR actually said, what she read was more than pathetic enough to comment on; a title like that, why (first) bother with the rest of it?

I seldom bother with even the title.

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