I have heard you openly complain about staff payroll being too high. I have listened to you claim that finances are tight right now because of our planned expansion. I have seen you send employees home early on a slow day because you “can’t justify the expense.” I have watched you belittle and demean the value of my overqualified and incredibly talented colleagues because you think they could “be doing more.” I have accepted a salary based on an agreed-on schedule, only to be greeted with 55- and 60-hour work weeks that break down said salary to less than $15 per hour. I have coped with receiving only six days of PTO per year, including sick days, even as it has affected my relationships. I have empathized with my coworkers about our love for what we do, our depth of experience, and how odd it is that we still can’t afford health insurance or rent.

So when you paraded around the building today in your brand fucking new $800 Balenciaga sneakers, I decided to start looking for a new job.—Anonymous