You stole a check from our mailbox, washed it, filled it out for $2k and signed your full name before you unsuccessfully tried to cash it. It took me seconds to find you online. I found your girlfriend, your family history, and the story of your brother’s suicide. In a fit of rage I opened a social media account in your brother’s name and I stalked you. My intention was to fuck with you and your sense of safety, just as you’d done to me. When you sent me a message asking “Is it really you?” thinking I was your brother contacting you from the afterlife, I recoiled in horror. And shrunk with guilt. You were so fucked up. I couldn’t bear to follow through with my sick plan to torment you for life so instead I sent you notes of encouragement hoping to convince you to change your ways, stop robbing, get clean. I saw you struggle with drug addiction, scumbag friends and bad decisions… and I was rooting for you, hoping you’d find your way in life and you did. Congrats on staying out of prison, getting clean and starting a family. I haven’t checked in on you for quite some time, but I hope you’re doing well.