When you decide to quit the dating culture of online dating and to step back entirely from men for a long duration, it’s great! Long days running on the trail, no small talk when newly acquainted with a stranger, not having to decipher a text message. Skip forward and I can say now without dating in the picture that I am truly happy with myself, life and amount of time dedicated to having a badass run on the trail - but today it is snowing and while I tried to head to the trail, car decided without 4 wheel drive, she wasn’t having it. Friends and I also decided how we will be social distancing, otherwise enforced preventative measures of covid19 will be for nothing. And so while I’m happy and fulfilled, I’m alone.

It sinks in just how badly I think from time to time how much I want someone. Someone who’s there to experience a quarantine like snow day with, ya know- all the good and bad feels that go along with having someone who’s just there with you. Yeah, I want love, like a lot. Priorities until then- like getting out of this city.
Slick areas are probably good now - trail time <3

....Also sex, it’s needed for days like today.