I take for granted targeted areas to express oneself. It's a billiard game to try and find something worth talking about in the first place, and you often miss when you're shooting from the hip. The only thing that's honest is that you don't care. And not caring makes your art worth nothing. Like, you could tell me to drop dead for writing about nothing, but I care about nothing. It says more about everything than anything. It's a statement of purpose that art should be what you hold within yourself, not what other people think of your art. Take the difference between trying and doing, there's not much there. People need to shut the fuck up over the Star Wars quote Yoda said and find out that they are exactly the same thing, but crying about it somehow makes it sing better. I fucking hate that. Like Yoda had an army babbling about the balance in the force when he can't even develop the fact that two words are contractually obligated to form the same thing. It's creating irony when irony doesn't exist that makes me done with this shit. It creates so much dissonance that Yoda is a Jedi wizard for making me think so much of it. But it's hurtful, it gives me a headache. When you're referring to nothing, if you do it right, it's the only thing people can talk about. It gets ingrained in our brains. Talking about nothing is the most powerful force this world can hope to attain in honesty.