I wish we met under different circumstances.

It all felt very lukewarm. But hey, no problem - as these things go. Imagine my confusion when you kept reaching out. Some friendly advice:

"It would be chill to hang out sometime." Don't put it on people to ask you out for you and make plans, especially if you have an agenda. I don't like bars either, but I don't invite strangers straight to mine. And if you're not into it...

Cool, but know what you want. There's a difference between nice and kind. Don't string people along - it can make for an awkward situation. I wasn't initiating any of this. Still, I accept fault in it.

There was something I liked about you, and the whole thing left me feeling shitty. Maybe foolishly, I'm worried you feel the same. Despite all, there's no bad blood. In this era of ghosting, I just wanted catharsis. I'm rooting for you. Truly, I wish you the best.