I fail to understand the TP hoarding. And it seems like it is only going to get worse.
Time to get creative...

I knew a family that used cut up old t-shirts as "toilet paper" in their home - used, washed, and re-used. Not anything I'd choose to do, but it is an option.

Wash your ass with a washcloth and soap and water every time you go to the bathroom. Again.. the laundry aspect.

Buy a bidet. Or use a squeeze bottle filled with water to rinse your bottom clean (and then if it's clean you can dry it with a clean cloth or towel).

Leaves (though these can be tricky and you need to know what leaves to use).

Also: use any/all other paper available to you (though I'd like to think we won't get to the point of using our personal book collections to wipe our asses).

We're supposed to be a country full of ingenuity, right?


when using leaves, remember the poison ivy rule: "leaves of three, let it be."


Did you try Home Depot, Lowes or Wilco? All of them sell home care products including TP.

Didn't have any issue finding TP at my Fred Meyer. And if worse comes to worse you can use kleenex. Tons of that on the shelf.

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