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Before this is over America is going to wish it was a third world country, because we will not even rate on the scale. Trump will have accomplished his task of destroying the country and everyone in it and Putin will put him down (unless he's already dead). I wonder if all of the people who believed putting Trump in a position of power was a reasonable and sane thing to do will have any regrets before they die (or watch their loved ones die)?


Trumpistas will not have regrets. They have succeeded beyond their wildest deams and for them, every day is Christmas now. If we still have elections this November, do not vote Republican.


Yeah, this is a conservative vs liberal issue. Please name a country led by a liberal that isn't suffering the same way the US is. And how exactly does Trump come in to a rant about rent control. That's a local issue. Go take it to your favorite lefties in Salem or Portland. They're the ones who gave you the capped increases (9% HA).


Ooh, I bet Velma's got some PROPERTIES!


I've been hearing quite a few people say they are committed to rent strikes starting April.


What are they gonna do, arrest all of us?



If people don't have to pay their mortgage, then people who pay rent should not have to pay their rent.


Rent isn't protected or managed by the Federal Government. Just like only student loans managed by the Federal Govt are the ones with the two month moratorium. You got loans with banks, you still have to pay them. You got rent to pay, then pay it or talk to your landlord about a deal.

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