You are that guy in his late 50's. I see you often, almost daily. You & your lazy gait ought to be ashamed. How dare you walk about the Portland VA campus coughing w/out the smallest effort to cover your mouth. Fits of coughing had you pause a few times on your walk to work. You seem the type to carelessly spit out whatever sputum you cough up onto a sidewalk. You're that dude. Yet you didn't do that. Was that a dry cough? Even if it wasn't, even if it's allergies or a common cold why tf are you going to work?! You work for the VA, not a job where you don't have PTO/SL. Do you have any respect for the elderly Vets you work with? Do you have any respect for anyone around you? I wanted to stop you, yell at you. I wanted to get your name before you loped off around the corner, crotch first and selfish. You're much much bigger than me & I felt helpless in that moment. Am I just as careless for not stopping you and doing something? I wish you could see this, I wish I could shame you, pressure you, beg you, whatever, to stop being gross. I hope that you covered your mouth around Vets, colleagues, & all people that day. I hope you're doing that now. You don't seem to be that kind of person, though. I mean, you can't even bother to wear a belt or pull up your pants, so why expect the bare minimum of hygiene or respect for others? You're an embarrassment.