So nothing says “outbreak” like a bunch of Portland assholes (like their Florida brethren) heading to the beach. I’m sure it’s a bunch of anti-vaxxers just “sticking it to the government” and doing whatever they want, as long as they’re shoving aloe and turmeric up their assholes. “We’ll be fine.” because some idiot on a blog said so. Good for you. Was it nice there at the beach? Explain that if there is a horrible outbreak there, just how their tiny hospitals are going to cope with sick people, because you simply cannot think of anyone else but yourselves? This shit is going to keep spreading if we don’t take precautions. This isn’t time to have fun. This is serious. It’s not the media telling me this, it’s my work in the medical field. We are short so much in supplies and it’s frightening, because dipshits like you in a panic mode depleted everything for everyone. Fuck all of you selfish assholes.