Hi, fellow Portlanders!

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sorry to be an ass right out of the gate, but nice weather does not excuse the fact that there is a highly contagious, deadly virus traveling through our community right now. Everyone was scared for a few days, now you’re all right back at it! Every day this weekend on my way to and from work (I work in an ESSENTIAL field) the streets were clogged, people were crowding into my workplace (putting me and my coworkers at risk), and when I drove by Fremont Park it was packed with GROUPS OF PEOPLE, drinking wine and hanging out. I know you’re bored! and scared! I am, too! But putting everyone at risk because you’re bored and want to sit in the sun is so fucking shitty. We are better than that. Stay home. Leave only if absolutely necessary. FaceTime your friends. And stop being pieces of shit. Thanks!