We had a great date. A really great date. Not too common. I know I'm your type, and you are mine. I really enjoyed chatting up someone so cute, smart and clever. We could have had super hot times. And it was hot until we tried to seal the deal. Lo and behold, as is much more common with Portland dudes than people want to talk about, your dick was soft. And you knew that was the deal from the beginning, why lead me on? It would have been much less awkward for both of us if you were straight up from the get go. It would have been OK. We could have just watched a movie. But lying and pretending is not OK, it's lame. Maybe you shouldn't be out there dating?

If you have a problem getting hard, let's talk about it beforehand.
If you need drugs to get hard, Its OK, bring them on your dates.
If you know you can't or don't want to have sex, please use your voice!

Thank you for your cooperation.