Fucking people are so starved for attention that when they finally get a chance for solitary introspection, they still have to seek reassurance. If it's to support your living, I can kind of understand, and then don't. A lot of us have lost work. I cannot simply go online and ask for tips because I'm unemployed now. I would sort of, I say sort of, maybe love to sit around, work on songs, write music, and play shows, but the fact that, that's all you do, all you have to support yourself is a facade. It's not realistic unless you have an inheritance, or have "made it." It's a cop out to say it's your only way of living. If you're living on tips, then you're a busker. Essentially, jobless, and aspiring.
There is nothing wrong with aspiring. But there is reality, dreams are not reality. It is food, shelter, bills.
It'd be awesome if musicians made the same as lawyers, dr.s, etc. Oops.
Everyone wants alone time and to get away from devices then here we have that chance and still has to seek attention. It could also be argued these people constantly need attention so nothing has changed for them.
It's like electricity out, no TV's, batteries on phones and devices dead. Well, in come the generators, but otherwise what will people do?
Imagine just sitting in contemplative silence all by yourself because you want to. Not because you're in a yoga or meditative class, but because activities like sitting in the yard with nothing and silence is long gone for most of society.
I'm glad on can click on that "X" quickly.
Humans are getting everything we deserve.