6 feet is the right amount of space for social distancing. Okay.
At first 250 was the max capacity for any gathering. Okay.
Now there's some reports of people testing positive for the virus, but feeling completely fine. Okay.

So, the only way I've been able to get food the past couple of days is ordering delivery. Okay. So who's to say anyone making, preparing, getting my order ready, or delivering doesn't have the virus?
And come on, people are not that cautious. Look around.
And come on, after a long day of making food, how good of a job do the restaurant employees clean and sanitize? Unless, the restaurant is hiring a cleaning service. Again, come on.
Say, a negative environment makes food, the delivery driver delivers, to a person who doesn't know they have the virus, and hands over money, card, or just being in the presence of less than a foot away from the driver?
Luck always plays a roll no matter all the calculations.