I’ve been a waxxer for 5 years, most of that time has been at one salon. Its a certain local waxing chain that i was so excited to start working for. It was entirely female owned and operated, and they paid all the their employees better than anyone else in town and had great benefits. It was a dream. About a year ago they raised their prices for the first time ever. They told all the clients it was to better support their employees with 401k matching, better insurance etc. The next day they sent an internal email saying they were cutting our 401k matching, the already planned holiday party, and Insurance rates were nearly doubling. I should have quit then but I didn’t. They still demanded everyone work right up until the mandatory closure of salons despite not being able to stay 6ft from clients. And now they’ve told us they only have enough money to pay us 50% of what we’re owed.