It's not just Portland. It's nationwide. I spent some time online today trying to find some and NADA.


Yeah, it is everywhere. And it's just as fucking stupid everywhere. STOP FUCKING HOARDING TOILET PAPER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!


No ones panic buying it at this point, bro. Do
You want the handful of people who have stockpiles to bring it out of their house and sell it out of their trunk? They’re working on the supply. Most people went out and bought a normal amount at the beginning of this shitshow (ha) - it was just at the exact same time. Stores have limited paper purchasing to “one per customer” nearly everywhere I’ve been. I haven’t located any either, but whining to this extend isn’t helping - and it sure as fuck isn’t creating anymore supply.


The phrase "a toilet paper fort" is one to remember. Thank you.


This is what people do in a crisis, it's Human Nature. Why aren't you complaining about the White House that refuses to send supplies through a centralized supply chain to the places they are needed most and is responsible for the REAL shortages in this country.

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