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I am fan of Vonnegut, too. He gave the commencement speech at my college graduation, too, in 1994. Though he was drunk and we were hungover and he re-dubbed us Generation A (from Generation X), so it was pretty confusing (though memorable).

I also remember they day he died. I was working at Amazon (desk job/Seattle) and despite them having this employee communication system (beyond email) for people to create groups and talk about any subject they wanted, no one, not one person working at Amazon mentioned his death until I created a message that was literally WTF, people, KURT VONNEGUT IS DEAD.

I didn't last long at Amazon, by the way.


WHO the Fuck is trash-talking the Vonnegut?!

Now, I'm as Big a Believer in Free Speech
as the next Rich Person but that's where I
DRAW THE LINE. Point them out to me,
wouldja? I'm gonna Dresden the fucker.

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