Portland -! There are almost no cars on the roads.

And yet, the journey down NW Everett is interminable, ruined by drivers who cannot locate their gas pedals should they encounter a green light.

The left onto Broadway is marred by misfits, who casually walk anywhere in the street, tumbling like tumbleweeds... ineffectual or disinterested in locating a crosswalk.

Bicyclists. You must sooner or later accept the reality that despite your absurd manner of dress you have not, in fact, become faster than a car simply by becoming more aerodynamic.

NE 33rd, I cannot even begin with the sudden jolts and slowdowns, the highs and lows. I cannot bear the ambiguity, the sheer, sad impotence of the inexorable crawl.

Have you no sense of urgency Portland? No fucking balls?

Thanks for reading,