You are not alone. There are many people in your position. I do not have answers , but you are not alone. There is some information that may make you feel less desperate.

Apply for unemployment, you will receive it and you will get an additional $600/week on top of what you would get from unemployment based on loss of your job(s) and that is supposed to be for 4 months. Everyone who is out of a job right now will qualify, even if they normally would not (like self-employed people, gig-economy "contractors," etc. You will receive $1700 from the federal government for yourself ($1200) and your child ($500). If you pay no taxes or did not do your taxes in 2018, file with the IRS (even people with on liability can file a tax return) so that you get the check. Right now they are saying people will get the checks in three weeks.

You don't say where you live and you say you have exhausted all food pantry options, etc. There are many places offering free food for children.

Other resources that may be able to help you obtain food: (check under other resources)

Know you are not alone and there are people out there who are doing what they can to help people. I also know people who don't need the stimulus check (but will be receiving it) are leading a campaign for those people to donate it to people who do need it or organizations that can help people in need (especially with regard to feeding people).

If you are able to post online, you can search online for resources, they are there. Support groups, single parent resources, resources for families with children in need, etc.

There is a moratorium on evictions for 90 days. Talk to your landlord about not being able to pay your rent right now.


Please visit the oregon food bank website. Their partner agencies are mostly in operation despite the virus and continue to supply people in need. Food assistance is available despite the adverse circumstances.

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