Never. People will destroy the earth and everything on it. There will be no "getting it." If the earth is lucky, people will go and earth will heal from the damage done.


"Windmills are blowing germs all around the globe at an alarming rate, solar panels are absorbing the natural radiation that would normally kill viruses but can't now because we are using that radiation to power unnecessary devices."

No, they don't. They are not responsible for this crisis.


Whoa OP. You forgot to include jet vapor trails.


Hmmm. Aren't the Germs
moving the Windmills?

Other than that, yeah we gotta Wonder:

Do we even Deserve this lil' Gem of a Planet?

We allow others to use it as their own personal Toxic Waste Dump, just so they can get out there and Make a Killing.

Well, it's Killing US.

Lord, I wonder
WHO'll Stop the Reign?

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