Me: A human suffering from an unknown viral respiratory infection. You: A doctor who refused to wear PPE despite the warnings. Look, I called ahead. I wore a mask. I needed help. And all you told me was that isolation seemed like a "draconian measure" and I should just go back to normal and "practice good public health". You didn't even wear GLOVES. I haven't been able to sleep for 2 weeks because sometimes I stop breathing and LUCKILY that wakes me up. Sometimes when I walk my dog, I have to sit down because I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I have no insurance and I'm already on the hook for all of the tests that you made me take that proved I don't have anything previously known to modern medicine. I'm too afraid to go to the hospital and give anyone else this mutant virus and be on the hook for a million dollars and they wouldn't test me anyway because I'm too young. GREAT. FUCKING GREAT. So I'm just gonna sit and be a good millennial and try not to die in my sleep because healthcare is for EVERYONE ELSE. Maybe this isn't entirely about you Dr. Fuckface. Maybe the entire privatized healthcare system is failing us and you are simply a fucking cog in the fucked up machine that monetizes peoples lives and screws those of us with no money. Well fuck you anyway for not helping me at all or even taking this shit seriously. FUCK YOU AND FUCK THE ENTIRE US HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. I just want to breath again.